ESXCLI interactive mind map 6.7 U1

Discover a new way to explore esxcli commands with an interactive mind map.

Interact with the mind map

Click in the top right corner of the mind map above to display the full screen version.
Hover your mouse over an idea/node comment icon to display the ESXCLI help message.
Click the circle at the right of an idea to expand or collapse the hierarchy below.
All elements are white.
All method elements are gray. Expand the hierarchy to display the parameters if any.

Additional information

This mind map is extracted from an ESXi 6.7 U1 host build 10302608 without the driver rollup.
Additional namespaces may be added with additional VMware or third party VIBs,e.g., prepare an ESXi host for NSX.
This mind map has been generated with PowerCLI and the MindMeister API v1.
If anyone is interested by the code, please let me know in the comment.
Note: The API v1 is deprecated but the v2 doesn’t have all features yet.

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