Banned from Lego – customer review

This post is not IT related but a customer review of
IT posts will come back soon after a long hiatus.

Let’s start by the end, my two latest orders have been cancelled and after contacting the support I have learn the reason by email: “we’ve decided not to accept any further orders from your account” and “the decision is final”.

I will share below my experience with Lego, good and bad, and how it has ended up in this way.

  • Give a chance to Lego to revert this decision when presented with the full picture.
  • Illustrate a negative trend in term of quality across the years hoping it could be acted upon accordingly, if not for me, at least for others Lego customers.
  • Provide suggestions to Lego on how to improve customer experience. These tips could also be relevant for any online shop.
  • Provide suggestions on how to improve Lego website.
  • Highlight issues with VIP points and pre-order in such scenario and hope Lego could fix this.

It will be also interesting to get feedbacks from others AFOL.

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